Stagelight Summer Camps Info

At the Stagelight Summer Camps (for K - 12th graders), your child will have the opportunity to put on a showcase in one week’s time, a mini-musical in two week's time, and full blown productions in four and five week’s time, all while receiving professional training in acting, singing, and dancing. At the end of the camp, they'll perform for you and your family. And you'll go out for ice cream afterwards to make your child feel better about the fact that camp is over...because they are literally going to have THAT much fun.

This summer, we are offering new and exciting camps where your child can learn MAGIC TRICKS to wow an audience or their friends, STOMP their way into super cool rhythms, master the art of COMEDIC IMPROV, exercise their IMAGINATIONS by thinking outside of the box, and put on FULL BLOWN MUSICAL PRODUCTIONS.

Below are the "nuts and bolts" of all Stagelight options. Please contact us if you have questions!

Before I read all about it, I need to know: How much is it?

  • One week of the morning or afternoon Stagelight Summer Camp is $150. Two weeks of morning or afternoon Stagelight Summer Camp is $295.

  • Our four-week-long morning camp (FROZEN JR) is $595 and our five-week-long afternoon Stagelight U Program (HAIRSPRAY JR) is $695 (students will be required to provide their own footwear for the show and a $25 costume fee).

  • Various options are available to combine both morning and afternoon camps (as each session is different and would provide a valuable experience for your child.)

  • If your child is in Grades 9 - 12 and chooses to do all day with us, they will have the opportunity to be an Intern in the mornings where they will learn how to be a camp counselor/mentor, as well as backstage crew. These are excellent resume building opportunities for them. They do not need to register for the morning camps...they just need to email to let us know of their interest in being an intern.

What ages can participate?

  • The morning Stagelight full-show Summer Camps and the afternoon Camp Disney & Camp Imagination sessions are for children going into K - 8th grade (as of Sept 2019). High Schoolers can be interns: Stage Crew and Camp Counselors.

  • The afternoon Stagelight U 5-Week Program (HAIRSPRAY JR) is for children going into Grades 3 - 12 (as of Sept 2019).

  • The afternoon Comedic Improv, Magic Tricks, and Stomp Camps are for Grades K - 12. (We will separate the students by their grade levels.)

  • We will take 10% off of the total order if you are registering more than one child from the same family.

    • Type in the promo code siblings for this discount.

What are the dates?

  • The sessions run from June 17 through August 16, 2019.

  • We take off the week of July 1 -5, 2019.

  • Click HERE for more information on each week.

Is each week of the morning Stagelight Summer Camps the same or can my child do all of them?

  • Each session will put on a different show, so your child could (and should) absolutely do all 8 weeks!

Can my child participate in the morning Stagelight Summer Camps AND the afternoon Stagelight U 5-Week Program or those other cool afternoon camp options that you have listed?

  • Yes! You could register your child for all the mornings and afternoons.

  • The morning Stagelight Summer Camps are totally different from the afternoon Stagelight U 5-Week Program which is also totally different from the one-week afternoon camps, so it would be awesome to give your child all experiences. The afternoon Stagelight U 5-Week program lasts for more than a month, but you could tack on one or more of the morning camp sessions so they can give that a try on any (or all) of the weeks, too.

  • Any High School students who want to do the afternoon programs AND get the experience of being a camp counselor/instructor's assistant for the morning camps (looks great on a resume!) can do so by registering for just the afternoon programs and email with their interest in being an intern.

If my child does BOTH the morning and afternoon options, and is therefore at Stagelight for a FULL DAY on any of the weeks, do they eat lunch?

  • Yes! You would send them with a bagged lunch, and we would stick it in the fridge. They would have a supervised lunch break at NOON each day in-between the morning sessions and the afternoon program. **We are a nut-free camp!**

When are the performances and who can come?

  • The performances for our one-week, two-week, and four-week sessions always take place on Fridays. Times are listed under each camp description. Each child will be given a code to redeem for free 2 tickets to use at their performance. Additional limited tickets will be available for purchase at $10 each.

  • Stagelight U 5-week Camp (HAIRSPRAY JR) performances will be on July 26th at 6:30PM and July 27th at 2pm and 6:30pm. Tickets will be on sale for $15 each.

  • If you have multiple children from your family in any of the camps, they each receive 2 free tickets to the performance. (Free tickets do not apply to the 5-week camp.)

Where is Stagelight?             

2019 Summer Stagelight Theatre Camps are taking place in:  Chester Springs at SALT Performing Arts (1645 Art School Road, 19425)

How are Stagelight Summer Camps and the Stagelight U Program structured?

For the morning Stagelight Summer Camps, we want your child to get a full theatrical showcase experience in 2 or 4 week’s time…from auditions, to rehearsals, to performance.  Each day, your child will begin in a large group session with all other participants.  They will then be split up into smaller groups to go through 3 different sessions, each 45 minutes in length: acting, singing, and dancing.  As they do so, they will be putting together a show that will be performed at the end of the week. 

During the 5-week Stagelight U (HAIRSPRAY JR), the children will experience putting on a full-blown musical production. Together they will do auditions for parts, learn the music from the show, be taught choreography and blocking, memorize lines, be coached on acting, put together costumes, sets, and props, will do tech and dress rehearsals, and then will perform the show three times.

The other afternoon Camp options give your child a variety of experiences in the performing arts to broaden their skills and increase their confidence. They are always given breaks for hydrating and refueling.

Who will be teaching my child all week?

We have professionally trained, experienced artists in the realms of acting, dancing, and singing who will be guiding and training your child through the different camps.  All of our educators go through a thorough background and reference check, and your child will ALWAYS be in a room with at least 2 adults.  Safety is of utmost importance to us. 

I would love to give the gift of Stagelight to someone else!  Do you have gift certificates available?

Why, yes we do!  Gift certificates for any of our programs are available in any amount.  Please email Bethanie at: to place your gift certificate order. 

REFUND/CANCELLATION POLICY: We offer a 100% refund if registration is cancelled at least one week prior to camp starting. We offer a 50% refund if registration is cancelled within one week prior to the first day of camp. We do not offer refunds once camp has begun.